Famous Last Words Colab

2009-06-01 15:19:28 by Tygerman

Hi everybody

I have been considering doing this for a very long time and I've finally got the time and motivation to do it.

I have begun the Famous Last Words Colab

All info is in the link above but in a nutshell:

This will be a compilation of a bunch of famous/funny last words (ie. "what does this button do?"). There is a predetermined list to choose from and you would be making a short movie based on those lines.

Anyone can join and choose any of the lines in the list. There are some people who have mentioned which ones they are planning to do but I do not want this to discourage you from using them. If you think you have a really good idea for one of them go for it.

And as always, have fun.

Musicians Wanted

2009-05-22 13:04:18 by Tygerman

As a parallel to beastkid7's post, he and I are looking for a musician to do orchestral epic sounding music for our game.

I will be programing and he will do the art

We plan to make a really awsome game so PM either him or me if you're interested

Power of Three Programmer

2009-05-15 00:51:00 by Tygerman

For my first post ever I thought I'd do a little advertisement for my interest in being the programmer in a power of three group.

I have been programming in actionscript for about 4 years now and recently started using AS3 which is my preferred language at the moment. I've made a few games/applications which can be seen on my site that is on my ng profile.

The featured game on the site is not quite finished but it gives a small idea of what I can do. I made that game in about a month (core took me about 2 weeks and I've been adding other features to it since then)

AAaaanyway, any group interested in forming a group with me, please pm me with examples of your work and preferably an idea for the game as I have none.